About IEEE Punecon 2018

The Scope of the conference includes Domains/Tracks in the following key areas but not limited to:

The 1st IEEE PuneCon will be an international conference on Data Science and Analytics and will bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners over the globe. It encompasses wide and diverse topics of applications of Data Science and Analytics in almost every field of business and services.

In this digital era, it is timely to make data and analytics core of any business for scaling out to the needs of its stakeholders. Properly accessed data also provides critical insights and pay off in huge social benefits.Public health, public safety, national security, development and poverty reduction,governance,education are few areas where data science and analytics influence future decisions as well. However it is also alarming that data-driven economy has led to issue of breached data privacy and security.

The deliberations and the events in the conference will lead to improved understanding of how data science and analytics can touch various facets of industry as well as society.

Security and Privacy Mr. Mangesh Gharote Prof. Dipti Kapoor Sarmah
Industry 4.0 Mr. H.P. Yadav Dr. Himanshu Agrawal
Smart Cities and Villages Prof. Sachin Shelar Dr. Ajey Kumar
Intelligent Transportation Systems Prof. G.S. Mani Prof. Humera Khanum
Healthcare and Wellness Dr. Mandar Khurjekar Dr. Rahee Walambe
Agriculture and Resources Mr. Jagdish Chaudhari Dr. Dipika Jaspal

The Scope of the conference includes Tracks in the following key areas but not limited to:

Industry 4.0
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Agriculture and Resources
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Healthcare and Wellness
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Security and Privacy
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Smart Cities and Villages
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Intelligent Transportation Systems
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